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Solomon combines fresh biographical insights with clear analysis of Beethoven's major works, in a compelling narrative that is sure to engage all readers. 32 illustrations, 12 in color.

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Nov 30, 2018

The Immortal Composer

This is the second edition of Solomon's biography of Beethoven and it is an improvement in terms of both analysis and lucidity.

The book is written from a psychoanalytic point of view that all may not find convincing. However, the rudiments of Mr. Solomon's analysis, in terms of tracing Beethoven's life problems, his difficulties with women, with peers, and with himself to his childhood experiences probably transcends any specific psychological dogma and is insightful.

The book is a biography rather than an attempt at technical musical analysis. Even so, it elucidates the music well and with an obvious love for it. I found the discussion of Beethoven's final period works, and of his sometimes neglected vocal writings, particularly good.

The sections on Beethoven's relationship with Haydn, on his testament written upon the discovery of his impending deafness on the immortal beloved, and on his relationship with his nephew are all thoughtful and helped me better understand Beethoven.

A wonderful book for anybody who loves this composer or wants to learn more about why other people love him

Robin Friedman

Daniel G

Sep 8, 2014

Beethoven...The Man!

I've learned so much about this great composer,thanks to Maynard Solomon...the author of the book..."Beethoven".
He's really helped me understand what made Beethoven he delves into the history of the Beethoven Family.
I always feel it's important to know where a person came from...his background,his family,his childhood.
These facts leave indelible marks on the boy who is to become a man.
Beethoven is no different...what happened to him and his family had a great bearing on how the composer turned out and why he wrote as he did.


Mar 5, 2009

Solid Analysis of Beethoven

This is a great book for an introduction to Beethoven's life and music. My only comment is that Solomon's analysis is a bit Freudian, which is just a personal dislike.

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