Battle Cry of Freedom: The Civil War Era


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Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for History 'Read it. It will open your eyes about race history in America. It will shock you for what it tells you about politics in America today.' Richard Ford 'A remarkably wide-ranging synthesis of the history of the 1850s and the Civil War ... that effectively integrates in one volume social, political and military events from the immediate aftermath of the Mexican War through the sectional strife of the 1850s, the secession movement, and the Civil War ... It is a masterful work' New York ...

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Roger M

Nov 20, 2015

a heavy read

there is a lot of this book and it goes into an immense amount of detail. This includes the battles of the Civil War - well of course. My problem with the book in this respect is that assumes a complete familiarity with the geography of the USA and provides no maps to assist you in your way around say Virginia. The quite numerous maps it does provide of battle locations are produced in a limited greyscale rendition which makes understanding them very difficult.

Names of political and military protagonists come thick and fast and a few summary tables or a glossary of these many characters would have helped immensely.

I'm finding my way into the Civil War and my reading is meant to supplement a course I'm following. This book is not really an introduction for the novice - too long, too detailed; maybe I'll be glad to come back to it in a year when I've a better impression of the overall picture.


Aug 23, 2007

Readable history

An unusual blend of scholarship and readabilty. McPherson's concise treatment of causes and events leading to the War Between the States prepares the novice for the "picnic" atmostphere at the start of the conflict through four years of hellish brutality.
Hard to leave unopened and unfinished.


Apr 21, 2007

Simply the Best One-Volume Civil War History

This book opened my eyes about a lot I did not know concerning Civil War History and it is so well written that I couldn't put it down. McPherson covers the entire war including the period just prior to the war in order to put it in perspective. When he cites the reasons the war was fought he pulls from primary sources and I found much of it challenged what I was taught about the Civil War in school. I can't recommend this book enough.

1 Silent Rating

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