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This is a story that transports us to a sun-dappled glade in the middle of a forest. Here we witness the birth of a little fawn, Bambi, and watch him take his first unsteady steps by his mother's side. We share in his delight and curiosity as he encounters the sights, smells and sounds of this woodland home and then in his sadness when his mother is killed by a hunter's bullet. We see him forge new friendships and face the dangers of the forest as he matures into a majestic stag. This beautifully-illustrated retelling of ...

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Jan 19, 2012

A Favorite of Mine

This is story telling at it's best!. If you can read through this without getting even a hint of a tear in your eye, something is wrong, my friend.

maria g

Dec 1, 2011


I did not know that BAMBI was a full novel and only saw the little kid's book with pretty pictures. This book is way deep and quite philisophical. Much better than the short version and movie put together. And I still say and hope that all deer during hunting season do "Run, Bambi, Run"!!!! .. and live a long and healty life.


Jun 30, 2009

Seen the Movie...Now Read the Book

I first read this book while I was in elementary school. I have seen the movie, but I was curious to know what the book was like and it's very different. Compared to the movie the book is much more darker. We see life in the woods in the eyes of Bambi and the all the dangers that are encountered in the woods. Felix Salten is a master storyteller when it comes to animals. He makes the animals human; they have feelings and personalities that make you not want to put the book down until you've reached the ending. For those curious to know what the original Bambi story is all about should definately read this book!

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