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This West German film is set in the California Desert. A husband-and-wife pair of Bavarian tourists become stranded when their car breaks down; after a quarrel, the wife, Marianne Sagebrecht, gathers her luggage and stalks off. She stops at the Bagdad Cafe, a fleapit truckstop run by outspoken C.C.H. Pounder, who is also having husband problems. The Cafe has become a magnet for some of truly odd character: temperamental Hispanic cook George Aguilar, tattoo artist Christine Kaufmann, and onetime Hollywood set designer Jack ...


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Sep 26, 2009

Worth the wait

It had been years since I had seen this, and I wondered if I would still find it as much fun as it was the first time.
Sure enough, as I had (vaguely) remembered, it started off as a very quirky "stranded in the desert, is this going to be about spousal murder" story. It soon became an intriguing collection of characters learning from each other. The action is deliciously slow, and although there is not one "normal" character in the cast, by the time the story draws to a close one realizes that it was, most definitely, worth the wait.
I would recommend it for fans of any of the actors, for anyone wanting to have a break from the ear-splitting sound tracks and hyperactivity of many recent movies, and all who appreciate those movies of which the local video/DVD stores only stock one or two copies.


Aug 8, 2008

the Bagdad I love

This is a movie that I go back to despite knowing all that has heart. The characters are engaging and pull you into this "fairytale-like" world. The performances are is CCH Pounder always. She is a terribly under used actress, even
though, as soon as you see her, you remember all the TV spots she's been in...i.e.
"ER" amongst the lot. There are no car chases, no gunfire, but there is a great feeling when the movie ends, leaving you with a smile on your face.

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