Autobiography of Malcolm X


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They called him the 'angriest black man in America' . . . Celebrated and vilified the world over for his courageous but bitter fight to gain for millions of black men and women the equality and respect denied them by their white neighbours, Malcolm X inspired as many people in the United States as he caused to fear him. His remarkable autobiography, completed just before his murder in 1965, ranges from Omaha and Michigan to Harlem and Mecca, and tells of a young, disenfranchised man whose descent into drug addition, ...

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Aug 5, 2013

summer reading

I bought this for my daughters summer reading assignment. she learned a great deal about history in it.

Nelida M

Jan 13, 2012

Great buy

this book was a gift for a relative who really appreciated it. The price and condition of the merchandise was very good. I will be doing further business with this vendor.

The Pageturner

Apr 3, 2011

One Word: EPIC

For a few years, I put off reading this book because I was intimidated by the amount of pages. But I highly recommend this brilliantly written piece of Black history for those who wish to know more of the revolutionary, El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X).

This book shows step by the step the transformation of a man who is shaped by his experiences. Regardless of critical opinions about Malcolm X, his book possesses an overall human tone. Even in parts of disagreement, his opinions seem valid and reasonable, yet bold.

Though book flows beautifully and I consider the most exquisite chapters to be "Mecca" and "1965". Never before have I come across a more heart wrenching book than this one. The reader feels him at a personal level and you end the last page knowing you have just heard words of greatness.

Betty C

Jan 13, 2011

Autobiography of Malcolm X

I originally read the library's version of this book and felt the honesty and depth of Malcom X's words were astonishing. I had to own it and be able to relate to it whenever I so chose. The development of a real life, a life blemished and yet more than worthy of recall... priceless!


Nov 26, 2009

REad the book

This book is well written, and provides very interesting information about Malcolm X. Well worth reading.

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