As She Climbed Across the Table


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What if your lover left you for nothing? Literally Nothing? From the author of Motherless Brooklyn, this is a strange, hilarious love story about a man, a woman, and the space between them. Physicist Alice Coombs has made a great discovery - a hole in the universe, a true nothingness she and her colleagues call 'Lack'. Professor Philip Engstrand has made his own breakthrough - he realises how much he loves Alice. Trouble is, Lack is a void with a personality - a void that utterly obsesses Philip's beloved. She's fallen ...

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Apr 3, 2007

A Fun Read

As She Climbed Across the Table is about the strained relationship between a physicist, named Alice, and her boyfriend. When the physics department creates a void, a lack, an area of nothingness, the science community is set ablaze. Alice is drawn to the void, and begins spending her days and nights with it- with "him" as she says. She becomes obsessed, devoting her life to what they have named simply Lack, and the book is the story of her boyfriend, Phillip's, attempt to rescue her from oblivion.
Many have said that As She Climbed Across the Table is Jonathan Lethem's weakest book. As for me, this is the first of his I've read. I really enjoyed it. It's a fun book about a silly, incomprehensible occurance (namely, Lack), but there is more if you look for it. Lethem's descriptions are beautiful, and although the reader sympathizes with neither Alice nor her boyfriend, likeable characters can be found in the secondary list. In all, I thought it a good book about what love really is, and what people really are. As Phillip continues to struggle for Alice's love, he considers whether love is really something he should need to fight for.

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