Artemis Fowl


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Join the world of Artemis Fowl, the number one bestseller by Eoin Colfer. Rumour has it Artemis Fowl is responsible for every major crime of the new century. Just twelve years old and already he's a criminal genius, plotting to restore his family's fortune with a spot of corruption and kidnapping. Kidnapping a fairy for ransom, to be precise. Artemis Fowl has discovered a world below ground of armed and dangerous - and extremely high-tech - fairies. But he may have underestimated their powers. They will fight back. Is the ...

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Russell S

Dec 12, 2014

Artemis Fowl - Adolescent confection

Eoin Colfer is a fluent and cheerful author. One of those authors who makes wild imagination look effortless. Outside of a few central characters, his "people" are somewhat shallow, constantly bickering, and always doing the wrong thing. The stories go fast, with guaranteed cliff hangars at every turn. They are clean-cut adolescent fun with a small sprinkling of fantasy gore. Having said all that, these are wonderful kids books. Artemis and his butler, Butler, have a set of satisfying, complementary powers. The wonderful set of type-A fairies is worth the price of admission, as is the brainy character in the control room. Mulch Diggums alone is one of the coolest minor characters in all of kid-lit. And, your kid. like our family dog, probably shares at least one of Mulch's super powers.


Jun 30, 2011

I Loved This Refreshing New Series

I really liked listening to this fast-paced and funny audiobook. To me, the story was original and fun, and has me looking for more in the series, (even though it?s for ages 9-13.) I?m very curious to find out what the author did with Douglas Adams?s ?The Hitchhiker?s Guide to the Galaxy? series, but that will have to wait for another time. I liked the refreshing change from the main character learning about the fantastical beasts and lore to already knowing all about them. In this book, the mystical and fantastical must learn about the main character, Artemis Fowl. Also, the modern criminal element was exciting and I loved the narrator?s accents. He did a brilliant job. There was just enough emotion in the story to keep in the reader?s/listener?s mind that he is a 12 year old human boy, and not just a greedy, calculating, criminal genius.


Nov 20, 2007

Good start to a great series

Artemis Fowl is incredibly lovable for a twelve year old genius criminal mastermind. Colfer's imaginary fairy world is almost as much fun. Put the two together, and pure entertainment is born. I was rolling on the floor laughing the whole way through. Successive books in the series only get better as the series moves along.


Jul 30, 2007

A curiously intriguing story. You can't help but love Artemis, even if he is a genius criminal mastermind! His daring scheme is breathtaking in its audacity. Everything about this story is enchanting and exciting. It is worth reading again and again!


Jul 2, 2007

Wizardly Muggle Boy

Move out of the way Harry ... here comes Artemis Fowl! The first one in a series, this is one book for juveniles that gives true value for money. Easily placed with literature written by Roald Dahl and even Mark Twain, this is a wonderful tale of a 12 years old genius and his adventures with Fairy-folk. Capturing an elf, outwitting the higher-beings and getting his hands on leperchaun gold are just the beginning of his amazing feats.

Eoin Colfer is truly a genius and this is his masterpiece.

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