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  1. Alma Proles Regia for 3 voices
  2. Crux fidelis, antiphon for 3 voices, MB 39
  3. Qualis Est Dilectus for 3 voices
  4. O crux gloriosa, antiphon for 3 voices, MB 53
  5. Gloria
  6. Salve Porta Paradisi for 3 voices: Salve Porta Paradisi
  7. Gaude virgo salutata, isorhythmic motet for 4 voices, MB 28
  8. Credo
  9. Albanus roseo rutilat, isometric motet for 3 voices, MB 23
  10. Agnus Dei for 3 voices: Agnus Dei
  11. Those sweet delightful lilies, madrigal for 5 voices
  12. Some men desire spouses, madrigal for 3 voices
  13. Retire, My Troubled Soul
  14. Hark, jolly shepheards, madrigal for 4 voices
  15. Come woeful Orpheus, madrigal for 5 voices (SSATB)
  16. Come sirrah Jack, hoe, madrigal for 3 voices
  17. O My Thoughts Surcease
  18. Dye now, my heart, madrigal for 4 voices
  19. O Let Me Dye for True Love, madrigal
  20. Lady, when I behold, madrigal (No. 10, The First Set of English Madrigals)
  21. Come, let's begin to revel't out, madrigal for 3 voices
  22. Care, for Thy Soule, for 6 voices
  23. As Matchlesse Beauty, madrigal
  24. Weep, Weep, Mine Eyes, My Heart Can Take No Rest, madrigal
  25. You blacke bright starres, madrigal for 5 voices
  26. Oyez! Has Any Found A Lad? for 4 voices (madrigal)
  27. Diaphenia
  28. Thinkst Thou Kate
  29. Down, A Down
  30. A Shepherd in a shade, for 4 voices & lute (Second Book of Songs)
  31. Fine knacks for ladies, for 4 voices & lute (Second Book of Songs)
  32. Where sin, sore wounding, sacred song for 4 voices & lute (A Pilgrimes Solace)
  33. Never Weather-Beaten Sail for voice, lute & bass viol
  34. Jacke and Jone They Thinke No Ill for voice, lute & bass viol
  35. Since First I Saw Your Face, song for 4 voices & instruments
  36. There Is a Ladie, Sweet and Kind for 4 voices & instruments: There Is A Lady
  37. I must complain, yet do enjoy my love, for 4 voices & lute (Third Book of Songs)
  38. A Secret Love for voice, lute & bass viol
  39. Sweet stay awhile, why will you rise?, for 4 voices & lute (A Pilgrimes Solace)
  40. Mr Dowland's Midnight, almain for lute, P 99
  41. Now, O now I needs must part, for 4 voices & lute (First Book of Songs)
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