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Two women whose peoples are often at odds find they're more alike than anyone expects in this drama from directors Stefan C. Schaefer and Diane Crespo. Rochel (Zoe Lister-Jones) and Nasira (Francis Benhamou) are two young women who have begun teaching at a public grade school in Brooklyn, NY. Rochel is an Orthodox Jew and Nasira is a Muslim of Pakistani descent, and the students and the administrators at the school are concerned there might be friction between the two teachers. However, over the course of their first year ...


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Jan 4, 2011

Cute story.

This was a good and very enjoyable film. The main characters, Rochel and Nasira, are easy to relate to, and it's nice to see two women from different backgrounds become such good friends. (Rochel is an Orthodox Jew and Nasira is a Syrian Muslim.)

They have to deal with prejudice from each other's families (although Nasira's family was much nicer in that regard.) The two women commiserate over not being able to find suitable husbands despite going the traditional route and having their families assist them in finding a partner.

The feminist principal was the most irritating character -- she was annoying because she was always trying to force her point of view upon the two women, and came across as very condescending. She just couldn't understand why modern young women wanted to follow their family and religious traditions.

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