Are You My Mother?


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While his mother is off looking for food, a baby bird hatches from his egg. Embarking on a hilarious, at times very touching, hunt for his mother, the little bird encounters a variety of creatures. Full color.

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Dec 29, 2011

I was surprised when the books came. They weren't the size I was expecting. The last time I ordered this book, it came as a regular size book. This one is a nice, kid-friendly size.


Nov 4, 2010

Great 'Read to' Book

This book was one of my daughter's favorite books! It was practice every evening when I was preparing dinner, Dad would be sitting in the living room trying to relax after work, my daughter would grab her favorite books and climb into his lap to read.
He got tired of the same ole books every night. Yet, she would always have this book in her little hands. She would come to me if he tried to refuse to read it, to tell on her Daddy, and I would have to convince him to read it, just one more time!
Before this practice ever went to the wayside, my daughter could have read the book to my husband, yet she would sit in his lap and listen intently to every word, looking forward to the next page all the way to the end.


Jul 24, 2009

Great Book!

One of my favorite childhood books - Eastman is one of my favorite author / illustrator of children's books!!


Jul 19, 2007

Cute funny and charming

As her egg begins to hatch (in the nest) a Mother bird flies off in search of food for her new baby... But, while she is gone, the egg hatches, and off goes baby bird in search of Mama.
He asks a kitten, a dog, a cow, a boat (yes a boat), a plane etc that infamous question "Are you my Mother?"
Baby bird is returned to the nest by the "big thing " (aka steam shovel) whom he asked earlier whether or not it was his mama, and lo and behold, Mother and child are happily reunited....
Cute, funny and charming......

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