Anno Dracula


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By the author of "The Night Mayor" and "Jago", this horror novel, set in 1888, tells of the remarriage of the Widow of Windsor. Her new consort is Vlad Tepes, the Wallachian Prince infamously known as Count Dracula. In Whitechapel, a murderer known as Silver Knife is cutting down vampire girls.

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Apr 3, 2007

Historical crime with a bite

The story is set in old time London, where Dracula has married the queen and become ruler of the country. Vampires and humans live together in the city, and vampires have become a common part of life. To achieve immortality, most people willingly let themselves be turned to vampires. In this setting, a murderer roams the streets, slaughtering female vampires. Soon he is known as Jack the Ripper and is hunted by the police and secret service. The story thus develops into some kind of a classical historic crime plot, but with vampires as a twist. The author draws on some parallels to famous characters of history, including those from Bram Stokers Dracula as well as Bram Stoker himself. The book is a well of fresh ideas and surprising turns, making it an outstanding work of vampire fiction and a must-read for fans of the genre.

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