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Discover the tantalising and heart-warming story of a woman who's had it with always doing the right thing, from the No. 1 bestselling author of Grown Ups 'Keyes writes brilliantly, as always, about love, grief, jealousy and friendship' DAILY MAIL ________ 'I'd always lived a fairly blameless life . . . up until the day I left my husband and ran away to Hollywood . . .' Unlike the rest of her family, Maggie Walsh has always done everything right. At thirty-three she has a proper job, is happily married to Garv and never ...

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Sep 3, 2008

Good Girl Goes Bad?just a Little!

This was the third novel in the Walsh sister?s series ? it?s time to get to know Maggie a little better.

The story starts out when Maggie discovers that her husband has been unfaithful and decides to leave their home in Ireland and go for an extended visit to her good friend in California. She gets reacquainted with the US, as her and her husband once lived in Chicago when they were first married ? and now she gets to see what it?s like in Los Angeles, aka movie-land.

This was a good book and I enjoyed the story, but not as much as Watermelon and Rachel?s Holiday. There was a lot of time spent chronicling the happenings of secondary characters and I didn?t have that much interest in them. Marian Keyes is a talented story teller and she?s not stingy with the details ? she gives it ALL to you and readers can decide for themselves what they come away with. It was because of that detail, it took me longer to finish this book than the others; part of my lackluster response comes from the fact that Maggie is basically a good-girl, and has pretty much followed the straight and narrow ? marrying her high school boyfriend, - she?s not as wild and crazy as the sisters detailed in other novels and so there were no huge bells and whistles going off?at first!

Then the story gets going and Maggie is exposed to the world of Hollywood. It was fun to see how L.A. affects Maggie. What did make this book noteworthy was the way that Keyes showed the slow progression as Maggie comes to realize what real love is, but first she has to figure out what it IS NOT! At one point during her visit, her parents & two sisters (Helen & Anne) come to visit and it was this part of the story that I enjoyed most, reading about the antics they inevitably get into & this time in America! Maggie gets to see the world of movie production from the inside and meets many wild people with their own stories to tell and her involvement with them is when she goes a little bit wild! You will definitely want to read Angels if you are a fan of the series and even though I didn?t love this installment, Keyes is still one of my favorite authors and I will certainly keep reading!

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