Among Flowers: A Walk in the Himalaya


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After laborious training and preparation, Kincaid and a group of botanists trek the Himalayas. Along the way she moves easily between closely observed, down-to-earth descriptions of the trek and larger musings about gardens, nature, seed gathering, home, and family.

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Mar 13, 2008


Her writing can be beautiful, and the subject is fascinating --- a trek in the Himalayas --- but I would have liked a better map to follow along, and more description of the plants; not just Latin names. Also, there should have been more history of the area through which she hiked; it is one of the world's greatest ancient trade routes between Tibet, China and India. It was good and fairly interesting, but lacked the grit and enthusiasm of "Seven Years in Tibet" or some of Frank Kingdon Ward's writing.


Jun 24, 2007

A disappointment from a fantastic writer

Jamaica Kincaid is one of my favorite authors, and Nepal is one of my favorite places, both to live and to read about. This book was a disappointment on both levels. Lacking even basic research on Nepali customs, or translations of basic Nepali phrases, the observations made by the author are lackluster and often just plain wrong. I couldn't even finish the book I found the writing to be so far behind what Kincaid usually writes.
This read more like someone's disjointed journal entries, expressing the discomfort of traveling in a foreign, and very underdeveloped country, without the post-experience analyzing and research that goes into successful travel narratives.

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