A Swiftly Tilting Planet


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Fifteen-year-old Charles Wallace, hero of "A Wrinkle in Time", is time-travelling again. This time he is involved in a bid to avert a tragedy threatening to engulf the world. Charles and the unicorn, Gaudior, face the ultimate test of fate. From the author of "The Young Unicorns".

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Nov 2, 2009

In Tara in this fateful hour...

This third installation (or fourth, in character chronology) of the L'Engle's Time Quintet may actually be my favorite. In it, the teenage Charles Wallace is called upon to travel back in time and merge with different people, trying to change the course of the future at points where things "might-have-been." All this is in a desperate attempt to prevent nuclear disaster threatened by a South American dictator.
I always found this book to be more intricate and therefore slightly more engrossing than the two previous, in the way that Charles Wallace must visit many points in time to unravel and re-spin the chain of events leading to the present day. It emphasizes once again themes of interconnectedness, and how the smallest event, no matter how seemingly insignificant, can affect all of time going forward.
Once again the language is smooth and effective, but seems to have gained just the slightest in complexity. There also seem to be additional shades of gray throughout the characters in the book, making things more complicated than they were in "Wrinkle" and "Wind." This is one book I'll gladly come back to again and again.

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