A Stolen Life: A Memoir


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A revelatory memoir about a young woman whose life was stolen when she was kidnapped in 1991 and remained an object of captivity for 18 years.

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Jul 20, 2013

An emotional story.

I found this book to be very interesting in its account of the years of Jaycee Dugard's captivity. I have not finished it, as the reading became somewhat depressing for me. All that she went through at such a young age. I'm sure I will pick it up again at some point to finish out this story. The book is laid out in a chronological order starting with young Jaycee in her ordinary life. All that changes with her captivity that lasts 18 yrs. I wish the adult Jaycee and her daughters all the best.


Oct 13, 2011

Retain normalcy--how?

How can one review this book?
Never have I read anything so heartbreaking about a young child who became a young woman under these circumstances.
This man is not a human being and i doubt the animal kingdom would let him in.
She did remain sane and says she has forgiven him. I do not think I could.
She has no doubt received some cleansing of her mind by putting it down on paper but protecting her children in the process.
It is a sad commentary but worth a read .

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