A Season in the Highlands

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A Season in the Highlands contains five romance stories from Jude Deveraux, Jill Barnett, Geralyn Dawson, Patricia Cabot, and Pam Binder. With some of the best romance writers represented, these tales blessed with the misty magic and timeless passion of fair Scotland are sure to please. Love that grows among the heather is enchanted indeed...blessed with the misty magic and timeless passion of fair Scotland! New York Times bestselling author Jude Deveraux unravels a ghostly murder mystery in an ancient Scottish ...

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Nov 13, 2014

A Very Mixed Bag

The reason I picked up this anthology was because COLD FEET was listed as third in a series of books I'm reading (see below). Let's start with ?

COLD FEET (Geralyn Dawson). Compared to the first two books in this series, this one didn't speak to me at all. If you like magic in your stories, you will probably enjoy this.

Rand Jenkins is traveling from Texas to Scotland to deliver an errant wife to her husband. Along the way, he stops to ask directions from Annie Munro (possibly a witch) and suddenly he becomes catnip for all of the local cats/kittens/feral felines.

Can Annie help Rand get the cats off his back? Will she?

UNFINISHED BUSINESS (Jude Deveraux) Attorney Tyler Stevens adores her younger cousin, Krissy. When Krissy is down with the flu, she begs Tyler to take her place in Scotland as her boss's administrative assistant. The ill Krissy pulls out all the stops to get Tyler to go.

Before long, Tyler and Joel Kingsley are caught up in a murder mystery in an old Scottish castle. This story (once you accepted the incongruity of a busy attorney dropping her cases to play secretary to her cousin's boss) is entertaining and kept me reading.

THE CHRISTMAS CAPTIVE (Patricia Cabot) While out scouting for a Christmas tree, Niall Donnegal and his brother, Euan, come upon a woman hiding and in terrible fear. They take her to their home -- over her protests. Niall and Mairi are very interested in each other but Mairi does not trust him enough to tell of her plight.

A few hours later, Alistair MacLean arrives, demanding his ward and fiancée, Mairi. Niall takes a stand against the pompous Lord Sutherland. This story takes the cake for speed-of-romance; Niall asks Mairi to marry him within 6 hours of meeting her. The whole story is over in less than 12 hours (of its opening).

THE MATCHMAKER (Pam Binder). OK, I don't understand the charm of Time Travel stories. After finishing this short story, I still don't understand it as a genre. I don't think I can review this story adequately.

FALL FROM GRACE (Jill Barnett) vies with UNFINISHED BUSINESS for best story in the book. Grace McNish and the clan she belongs to are tired of starving and losing everything to the McNab Clan. She decides to steal one of the McNab men and hold him for ransom.

This is a time of beggars, thieves, and unhappy clansmen roaming about freely. Grace nabs one and starts on her plan; selling him to the McNabs for ?his weight in gold.? But she gets something more than she planned on with her captured man.

Bad Luck Brides
1. The Bad Luck Wedding Dress (1996)
2. The Bad Luck Wedding Cake (1998)
3. Cold Feet (2000) (in A Season in the Highlands)
4. The Bad Luck Wedding Night (2001)
5. Her Bodyguard (2005)
6. Her Scoundrel (2005)
7. Her Outlaw (2007)

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