A Reverence for Wood


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The special knowledge of which wood is suited to which task, the ready identification of native trees, the reverence for wood, the instinctive knowledge that wood can warm the soul as well as the body -- these virtues of a bygone age are revived in Eric Sloane's remarkable work. Heavily illustrated, with a section on identification of nearly sixty native trees, A REVERENCE FOR WOOD provides an illuminating view of the resource that made possible so much of the early settlement of North America.

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Nov 1, 2012

interesting approach

This book is an interesting approach to history, telling it from the perspective of wood and its myriad uses and functions in our early society. Amazing insights that illuminate how we lived 100 years ago.


Nov 22, 2007

Excellent historical book

This book conveys the importance that wood played in our history as a country. The writer does an excellent job of dispelling the readers ignorance of what life was like 200 or more years ago. As time moves forward, things such as a way of living can get lost and the amount of work it takes to reanimate the knowledge is considerable. Even more so is the talent it takes to write about it and incorporate it into a story set in the now.
Eric Sloane aptly named the book because the word "Reverence" described well his relationship with the title material. Anyone who has an interest in wood as an art, or as a building material will do well to read this book. Anybody who is interested in a different way of looking at history in this country will benefit as well. The information on the behavior of wood and its uses is invaluable and was garnered by people in the past from years of experience and hard work. Eric Sloane did a great service to all interested with this accumulation of wonderful information.

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