A People's History of the United States: 1492-Present


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This account of US history from the bottom up tells the real story of the people, rather than the flag-waving official story.

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Mar 22, 2012

Accurate history

This book by Howard Zinn presents the history of the US from the viewpoint of the minorities. This is quite different from the history taught in school, the history of the winners.

An excellent book by an author I admire.

Delivery was prompt and as advertised.

william w

Nov 10, 2011

A Peoples History of the United States

Words cannot express what an enlightening experience reading this book has been. It should be read by everyone seeking understanding of our troubled past in order to face an uncertain and cloudy future.


Dec 29, 2010

A book for the already brainwashed

Zinn is the household god of anti-Americans here and around the world. In his telling, the United States is the locus of evil, a demonic force domestically and internationally. If he were writing about Jews you would get something like the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. There is an insight scattered here and there like salt applied to hide the taste of intellectual rot. The pictures are nice, though.


Jan 7, 2010

a nice change from text book history

a book full of things the text books leave out, history the way it happened not the way the they want the man would like you to think it happened


Sep 20, 2009

People's History, Sept. 20, 2009

I consider this to be one of the most important books I have ever read, and would recommend this book to everyone, and always am recommending it! I love to give this book away (which is how I got my first copy, as a gift.)
I feel if we can learn the real truth about the history of our own country, we will be able to see that history has kept repeating itself. The bullshit, the lying, the manipulating in the name of power and 'control over' is not new, and when we see the road we are going down and have been going down for literally hundreds of years, it becomes easier to say "OK, That's Enough Already." The truth is always empowering. I hope you read this book, and I believe you will be glad that you did.

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