A New Kind of Science


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Written by one of the leading theorists of the new scientific interest in complexity, this book explores the implications of the existence of complex systems - not least, life - in a chaotic universe, and how the increasing mathematical understanding of how complex behaviour can arise out of simple rules-based systems on computers creates an enormously powerful metaphor for the future of science, from evolutionary and developmental biology through to cosmology and particle physics.

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Susan J

Jul 19, 2012

Diappointed in the book

Well I did a little reading of the book, and wasn?t too impressed with what I was reading. And it seems too much like (and I?m being a little crass) an infomercial for his book and his company Mathmatica. His writing style is not great, and wasn't sure I wanted to slog through the nearly 1200 pages. Anyway, I decided to check out some reviews on the book, because I don't know about that level of science. Well the reviews were not very good. So I've desided to use the book as a door stop.


May 31, 2009

This is an amazing book!!!

Stephen Wolfram is a genius. This book is the result of years worth of work. Once it is fully digested and appreciated Stephen will win a Nobel Prize for the work embodied in this book.


Jan 15, 2009

Wolframs/s New Kind of Science

A New Kind of Science by Stephen Wolfram book is potentially useful to sophisticated mathematicians with expertise in cellular automata. It contains some interesting examples and some excellent computer graphics. However, because the work contains many outright mistakes and micsonceptions it is not a book for a beginner. It was published by Wolfram, using his own money as is the case with many "vanity press" books. It certainly is not a book for those interested in physics.

This book has received scathing reviews in the professional mathematics and science community, and for good reason. It is of value only to a properly prepared and very skeptical reader.

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