A New Kind of Christianity: Ten Questions That Are Transforming the Faith


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What is the overarching storyline of the Bible? Is God violent? What is the Gospel? Can we find a way to address sexuality without fighting about it? At the opening of the twenty-first century, Christianity in the West is more fractured and beleaguered than ever. Groundbreaking author Brian McLaren suggests that if we are to get beyond doctrinal statements towards the life to the full that Jesus promised us, we need new paradigms for thinking and believing - and he invites us on a radical quest for a new kind of faith. ...

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Carl S

Jul 11, 2014

For 21st Century Christians

This book addresses the issues of the mainstream church of the 21st century. Not always agreeable, but always thought provoking.


Apr 1, 2010

Not really that new

While I gave this book 4 stars and highly recommend it, I do so with a word of caution because, although I agree with the quest that Brian is on, I do not agree with the direction that the quest is taking him.
The ten questions that he asks in this book are crucial questions that need to be answered by the 21st century church, and answered honestly.
The "new" Christianity, however, isn't really all that new. It is, essentially a denial of most of what makes Christianity the truth and it seems to be fueled more by an emotional response to crucial concerns than by honest and careful exegesis. Brian is not a scholar and has had no formal Bible training. He is quite proud of that and it is a shame. Brian basically discounts the old testament as the emotional reaction of a primitive religion. He further makes claims that his own "new" Christianity is the next step in the evolution of Christianity.
While I highly recommend the book for the probing questions and the passion of the quest, I am saddened at the easy answers that Brian comes to in trying to essentially redefine Christianity to his liking.

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