A Million Little Pieces


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James Frey comes to his senses on a plane, his face shattered and his body disintegrating from alcohol and drug abuse. In a desperate attempt to rescue him, his parents take him to a rehabilitation centre, where he must face the demons that have made him a violent, suicidal addict at the age of 23. He discovers a world peopled with despondent, damaged and determined characters. His friends, his family and most of all his beloved Lilly teach Frey how to love again. Frey's journey from the degradation of substance abuse to ...

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Jul 18, 2010

Fascinating read

Ok, so some of it was made up. It doesn't change the fact that this book still tells an incredible story. In Cold Blood is one of the greatest books ever written, and everyone knows that Truman Capote mixed fact with fiction to fill in gaps and make the story more interesting. I definitely recommend this book!

diane k

Jul 16, 2010


OMG what a waste of time - if didn't have to read this for school I would have used it for fire starter. thank goodness it was only .99.


Jan 26, 2009

Life changing

A psychologist friend suggested I read this book as I was fighting some personal demons at the time. Upon receipt of the book, I literally devoured it at one long sitting. I found myself stunned and needed a couple of days to think. I then read the book again.

This is NOT a self help book but it is a book which may help you to sort out a lot of issues.

I admire James Frey so much for his refusal to accept codified solutions to complex issues be they from religious or therapeutic sources. He faces up to the fact that he is an addict and a criminal and that he is responsible for deciding to do something about this. He also explores the possibility that he does have a choice to do nothing and accept the consequences.

It is a tough read but worth it. Understanding that only you can change your own behaviour is vital. Understanding what to do next is something for each individual to explore.

However, it is important to stress that this book is a stand alone masterpiece and can be read at this level alone. It is tough, it is rough (particularly the language) but it is also at the very end, a great book of hope.


Apr 8, 2008

Interesting, Aggravating and Disturbing

I started to read this book, put it down then picked it back up and finished it. At times it was difficult to read because of the layout, you weren't sure if Mr. Frey was talking or someone else. Some of the events he encounters make you gringe your face like ugh, example: the whole dental episode, I know its something I could never do and at times, many times your frustrated with his attitude towards the whole addiction recovery procedure. He was annoying, at times I was like why bother and was frustrated with him. Whether these accounts are true or not, I'm sure many like myself though Mr. Frey would never make it long after he left the institution. I would recommend this as a read this if there is nothing else, its not highly recommended.

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