A Liar's Autobiography


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Graham Chapman reveals what it was like to be part of the revolutionary and zany Monty Python teamRequired reading for Monty Python fans, this true and false memoir is Graham Chapman's own hilarious account of his life as a Python and as a homosexual. The book equals Joe Orton's famous Diaries in providing an unblushing account of a gay lifestyle linked to entertainment. Full of outrageous fictions and touching truths, in telling surreal and outrageous lies Graham Chapman often uncovers a truth about himself and colleagues. ...

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Jul 8, 2010

Pathologically funny!

There are certain criteria that determine
whether or not you will enjoy this book.
A. An ability to forgive infuriating weaknesses
of character for the greater value of a comic
B. A familiarity with, and a liking for, Monty
Python and similar humour.
C. An unstinting understanding of the
absolute necessity of being able to laugh
at oneself.
On these bases, it's a wonderful book!!

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