A Hunger Like No Other


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After 150 years of hellish torture at the hands of the vampire horde, Lachlain, king of the Lykae (werewolf) clan, escapes his captors. He's disoriented and full of hatred, and yet he finds the mate he's been longing for for 1200 years in a small, delicate vampire. Desperate to find information on her parents, Emmaline Troy, a timid, overprotected half vampire/ half valkyrie, had travelled to Paris away from the protection of her valkyrie aunts for the first time in her young life (she's only 70), but she manages to be ...

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Sep 13, 2007

A breathtaking Paranormal Novel

This is the first complete novell of "Immortals After Dark"..A new series of books from Kresley Cole.The first storie can be found on the anthologie "Playing easy to get".
The story is about Lachlain king of the Lykaes tribe and Emmaline Half Valkyrie and Half Vampire. Emma was always a a timid little creature who lived in the shadow of her powerfull and pure blooded valkyries aunts.Their aunts adored her despite the fact that her father was a vampire,one of Valkyries great enemy.
Emma is trying to gather informations about her father in Paris and guess what???A lykae is after her convincied that she is his mate-like an eternal love of his life.
Lachlain is tortured for 150 years from vampires and when he senses his mate to be near he's managing to escape and find her.To his greatest dissapointment his mate,Emma,seems to be a vampire.
An the story goes on from that point in a breathtaking senario!
It was my first paranormal romance and i absolutelly loved it!The plot is fast without loose ends and without 2 much details.Love scenes...well just...OH MY GOD!!!! A greeping story narrated with a fluent and descriptive style that makes you believe the scenes are actually hapen in front of you!!!
This is a book that you would not want to leave it down until the finall chapter!And you will be expecting for the next installment as patiently as i am!
So this is definatelly a Buy Now and stay on the keepers shelf book!

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