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Based on the best-selling book by Karen Armstrong, this two-part documentary explores the evolution of monotheism. History of God starts way back with roots in paganism and ends with the final splintering of religion into three major branches: Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. From the practice of sacrifice to the development of the Trinity, Armstrong's research is dense. In addition to Armstrong, several other religious experts are included in this presentation. The result is a far-reaching look at man's interpretation of ...

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Oct 30, 2008

must see (and read)

I have both read the book and watched the video and they are both great. Karen Armstrong, who wrote the book the video is based on, does a great job explaining the beginning developments of the three major western monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam). The video focus on the part of the book and invites many of the top scholars and a very wide-ranging group of theologians to dicusss these important developments. The video is divided into three major uneven parts. The first part deals with Judaism, the second part deals with Christianity, and the third deals with Islam. Due to the fact that Christianity takes much of Judaism as its own, and islam takes parts of both Judaism and Christianity, the first part is the longest, and the third is the shortest. A must see (and read).

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