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Some performers stumble into bad taste, but Rudy Ray Moore has been charging headfirst into the stuff like an advancing army for over 30 years. Eat out More Often (1970), the album that made Moore an underground star, was X-rated party humor that would have made Redd Foxx blanch, and Moore's first album of the millennium, the appropriately named 21st Century Dolemite, leaves no doubt that he hasn't mellowed a bit with the passing of time. Moore revived his long-dormant career as an R&B singer, and 21st Century Dolemite is ...

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  1. Willa Mae
  2. Hip Shakin' Papa
  3. Hot Nuts
  4. Cindy-Ella
  5. Mike Biteson
  6. Deaf and Dumb
  7. Preacher in the House
  8. On the Bus
  9. Scratch My Back
  10. La Tasha Tay
  11. Presidental Declaration (Intro)
  12. Presidental Declaration
  13. Put Your Weight on It
  14. Do You Call That a Buddy?
  15. Drivin' in L.A.
  16. Titanic
  17. Oh Brother
  18. Chitlins
  19. Two Soldiers
  20. Press Conference
  21. Dr. Sex
  22. Cabbage Head
  23. One Finger
  24. Three Girls
  25. Dictionary
  26. ABC's
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