George Orwell's novel about the perils of totalitarian rule remains relevant more than 60 years after its 1949 publication. 1984 paints the bleak picture of a society in which all information is controlled by the government, also known as Big Brother, and notions of individuality become increasingly compromised. Literature professor Harold Bloom introduces this volume of critical excerpts about this timely title. This new edition also features an annotated bibliography and an index for quick reference.

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Sep 26, 2013

THE classic for your personal library

Bought this one to replace my old, worn-out copy, with intentions to re-read the text, along with other such books. ( Looking Backward, for example.)

Marleen W

Aug 8, 2013

Things to know

A story of how a person thinks how things could happen, and could come to light again, based on the present governement overruling our Constitution.

Charles C

Dec 27, 2012

Half the size of a regular hard cover book. Threw it in the trash.

Cheryl B

Nov 22, 2012

Great seller

The question would I recommend this item to a friend doesn't seem to apply to a seller review. The book is boring.
The state of the book when received was excellent as was the length of time it took to receive the book.

Jeffrey P

Jan 26, 2012

Didn't know this was going to be cliffnotes. It was deceiving.

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