1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus


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In this groundbreaking study, Mann shows how a new generation of anthropologists and archaeologists, using new research techniques, have come to the persuasive conclusion that more people lived in the Americas in 1491 than in Europe.

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Oct 6, 2011

Who are the true "IMMIGRANTS"

A revealing history of America, who among us is not the immigrant??

Susie D

Aug 20, 2010

Very Interesting

I found this book very intereseting as it answwered many questions I've always had about the native populationo before Europes' exploration.
Susie Doyle


May 13, 2010

Thought provoking

This book tries to pull together the evidence that the Native Americans cultures (both North and South) were much more than we are taught today in your average high school.

The cultures were diverse and dynamic. The myth of the Indian living "with nature" is just that, a myth.

There is evidence of cultures misusing their natural resources until they collapsed. There is also evidence of great cultures that were flourishing until being wiped out by the introduction and transmission of diseases from European explorers and settlers, prior to even being "discovered" by Europeans.


Apr 22, 2010


I loved this book! Using evidence that seldom finds its way into popular reading material, Mann paints a picture of the Americas that is very different from what I was taught in school--thank heavens for emerging technologies that cast new light into dark places--keep 'em coming!! Mann corrects old ideas of pre-Columbian Americas and it is hoped that ongoing work will continue to reveal the wealth of history that is still shrouded in a mystery that lingers at the edge of our thoughts.


Nov 5, 2009


Well written, well researched and deviates from previous opinions as to the dates of the peopling of the Americas. Much earlier than the generally accepted date. The main point, well taken, is that far more people lived on the American Continents than had been previously thought. In fact, the Americas had a far larger population than Europe including the Mediterranean area. Really makes sense.

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