1421: The Year China Discovered America


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In 1421, a large fleet set sail from China. It returned to a country in political chaos, the records of its journey destroyed. Lost for years was the knowledge that the Chinese had reached America seventy years before Columbus.

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Dec 17, 2017

Unreliable narrative

Book started off well, but midway I decided to cross-reference two of the author's claims: that the Chinese introduced chickens to America and wolves to the Falklands. Both turned out to have zero support in the scientific community. I could thereafter read no more and tossed the book in the recycling bin.

Jerry C. G

Dec 22, 2011

Well Researched

I found this to be a well researched, history of world exploration. It certainly answers a lot of questions about the source of ancient maps that have turned up in libraries and collections around the world.

Mr. J

Dec 30, 2010


This was a fantastic book! Maybe one of the top two books I''ve ever read. It was informative and kept me on the edge of my seat. When I was finished, I wanted more. It is a must read for anyone interested in history!


Apr 22, 2010


This amazing 552-page volume outlines an early exploration of the world that most of us seldom imagine could have taken place...yet, it did! This book is well organized, very readable and possesses a wonderful bibliography for continued reading! Additionally, it opens the door for consideration of numerous other world explorations by other cultures that directly impacted the world, specifically the Americas, before Columbus and 1492!


Mar 25, 2010

Velly interesting

Eventually someone will discover that human beings originated in the swamps of the Amazon Jungle and then spread north and across the land bridge to asia,
Europe, and finally southeast Africa where they encountered these tiny little ape like creatures that they eventually slaughtered along with the equally dim witted cro magnons.

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